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Extract from a
Leaving Poem

Remember this place

in time – when all

was locked down

and you travelled

masked and ready

to face the force

complete the tasks

for a team of strangers

some of whom

would become familiar.


Remember the lunch 

on the distanced bench

in hospital grounds,

breaking bread

sharing our lives

so far – your eyes

avoid contact

that first day.


Remember the women

deployed to trace

who laughed and cried

with you – who

offered motherly embrace

from the other side 

of the room.



Remember the day

you told your friends

on Zoom, you’d

shed your mask

revealed your

true self.


Remember your love affair

with a Welsh Ambulance man

you called each day

to offer sugar pill support

in a genuine voice.

The rugby club

where a girl

kissed the virus

on a single night 

with a symptomatic stranger.


Remember our return

when Summer faded

to a near empty space

lost behind plastic partitions

in desks once teaming

with tangible life.

Walks along the river,

Whose banks display


empty wrappers, single socks,

remnants of a time before.



Remember the weeks

of meetings on Teams

the offerings you gave

that only the young can give.

Creating a sanctuary 

for those whose spirit

has been washed 

too many times and

faded like an old t-shirt.


Remember yourself

as a brand new coin 

dropped into 

a child’s hand.

The possibilities

and hope for the future,


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