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I've gorra be honest, I 'ave 'ad a puff 

– or two this week,

it’s been a bad one for me!

Look at this – its from the Gazette – there see...

that man, I was cleaning for 'im I was,

doing 'im a favour like.

Knew 'e drank I did and that

e killed his first wife but

she was mental, drove him on.

Felt sorry for 'im, 

saw the bottles by the bed and lottery tickets - 

sad old bloke and no-one cared

he could have been my Dad.

I called in twice a day to clean, 

cartons, cans and crap,

did his shopping, had no idea

he was watching me like that.

Just waiting for 'is chance to pounce.

Couldn't believe it… I never thought …

I got out real quick - that was that -

I thought, but get this then!

The cameras caught 'im smashing up my car.

Made 'is way towards the 'ouse,

my son was out, works on the buses,

comes in late, or not at all, if 'e gets lucky.

There's a girl in Wetherspoon's he likes,

not fussed I'm not but there again...

he's old enough to make

his own mistakes. So am I.

Eastenders on the tele,

I yeard 'im at the door.

My 'eart went cold,

I couldn't breathe....and then a shout -

“I'm yere for you my love!”       

And in 'e came.

I grabbed a knife, I keep a shiny set

upon the kitchen surface like, a gift

last Christmas from my ex.- I wish...

He twists my arm and takes the knife

he holds it at my throat.

“What did I do wrong ?”he asks.

“Come home I'm all alone!”

An' get this!

The Accused stabbed his victim 7 times

Before a neighbour heard her screams and

intervened to stop the fatal blow.

“She wouldn't cook my tea”,

he cried, as they led him away.

I stayed in hospital for weeks,

they cared for me they did.

Nursed me back to life.

Didn't touch a single fag

while I was safe inside.

The minute I walked out the door

felt the fear of being free,

the freedom to be lonely,

them cravings came back to me. 

Saw the taxi by the curb..

the driver was a man. “Alright love?”   

I'm not your fuckin' love I screamed,

I grabbed my bag and ran!

I bought myself two packs

Of Lamberts - smoked 'em all that night. 

They tell me now e's been released, 

e's only served 6 months and now 'es back!

I can't tell a lie, I 'ave 'ad a puff

or two this week.

It's been a bad one for me. 

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