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Elizabeth Pearce

Writer | Performer | Facilitator 




My poems cover a wide range of themes and are often focussed on the human spirit and what’s going on under the surface – our inner world.

Pile Of Books

While the Kettle Boils

Poetic monologues from the office tea room

A poetic montage of voices reflecting on life from different perspectives. Their experiences are woven together as they gather in the workplace kitchen. 

Rareseed Theatre

Extracts from plays, Gwelda, Tents, Rats. These plays were created with groups of young people and performed in an ensemble, physical theatre style.

Youth Theatre - new plays

These Foolish Things

A collection of poetic monologues, based on people’s significant life changes, creating a picture of modern day life in the Welsh Valleys. 

Poetic monologues - smoker's stories

Creative Writing Workshops 

I specialise in delivering workshops to encourage and inspire new and experienced writers to develop their work and find a unique voice. 

Creative Writing Workshops with performance

Hydro Psyche (Water Spirit)

A multi-media project and exhibition which explores the fascinating aspects of river life and our relationship with nature.

Epic River Poem - text and recording Welsh and English


I have had over 30 years’ professional experience as an actor, writer and facilitator, working in education, the community, theatre, TV and radio.
I have also worked for the British Heart Foundation and Public Health, facilitating workshops in the South Wales Valleys. 

I started writing whilst devising new plays for adults and young people’s audiences, working in professional theatre companies throughout Wales. 


In 2013, I co-founded Rareseed Youth Theatre and wrote and directed new plays for this company. Since then, I have focussed on my own writing and introducing others to the joys and benefits of creative writing.


My work is diverse, due to my drama background, I am equally interested in writing drama, prose, poetry and poetic monologues. I also run creative writing workshops, helping writers to find a unique voice of their own. 

Upcoming Event

The Old Olive Press is excited to be running a week’s creative writing course facilitated by writer, Liz Pearce this summer.

Join this unique creative writing course in the beautiful Northern Tuscany countryside. Experienced writers and beginners are equally welcome. Your tutor Liz, will deliver an exciting and fun creative process and through this, will encourage you to find and develop your own unique voice as a writer.

6-13th July 2024  | The Old Olive Press

Creative writing in Tuscany


Upcoming Event

Finding a voice means that you can get your own feeling into your own words and that your words have the feel of you about them. …How then do you find it? In practice, you hear it coming from someone else – Seamus Heaney. 


This is a project which started as a one off workshop as part of the Abergavenny Writing Festival in 2022 and emerged again at the same festival in April 2023. Since then, a core group of 12 women have worked together, writing individually and collaboratively, to create a wonderful, diverse piece of work to be performed. 


I have enjoyed facilitating this interesting, dynamic and talented group, some of whom have never written before. I’ve used creative exercises, drawing on my drama background, to inspire the group to write on a whole variety of topics, from bananas and figs to epidemics. 

We have had tears and laughter and enjoyed the whole creative process in devising this piece of work. 

This established group will continue to work towards a new project – watch this space.


If you are interested in joining a Finding a Voice creative writing group, a new one will be starting in April as part of the Abergavenny Writing Festival 2024. Message Liz here if you are interested in reserving a place in the new group.

Finding a Voice
creative writing groups


Finding a Voice Group 2023 (In Another's Shoes)

Working with writers of all levels, to inspire new approaches and experience the creative group process. 

If there were challenges they were the right challenges. It was exciting to be part of a developing piece of art. I often felt like jumping up in the air and doing 3 summersaults as felt so happily inspired.


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